Royal India Reviewed by Food Critics and Food Bloggers

Did you know, multiple food critics and food bloggers have reviewed! As the oldest #Indian #restaurant in #Raleigh, we have received awesome food bloggers reviews over the years. Check some of the reviews below.

Review By Oak City Pretty Hungry (Instagram @oakcity_prettyhungry)

Reviewed on 07/02/2022

We had the pleasure of visiting and came to the conclusion that their Indian cuisine is second to “naan” 😋. No seriously.. their naan is the best we’ve ever had and we were able to learn about the process of how they make it, using a traditional clay tandoor oven. Royal India is one of Raleigh’s oldest Indian restaurants, which has been serving delicious Northern Indian cuisine since 1990. Their head chef has been with them for over 25 years, which has allowed them to develop an extensive menu of over 200 items.

We tried combination platters Menu 3 and Menu 14. Menu 14 (veggie combo 2) includes Malai Kofta, Paneer Butter Masala, Samosa, naan, and a dessert. Menu 3 includes Butter Chicken, Chicken Curry, Palak Paneer, Somosa, naan, and a dessert.

Our favorites were the Butter Chicken, Paneer Butter Masala and Malai Kofta. The flavors were all incredible. We were also blown away by the size of the lunch combos and being able to try so many Indian dishes with only one affordable lunch plate. We think this is definitely the best way to try some of the many delicious dishes Royal India has to offer.

You can find Royal India on OpenTable for dinner reservations, or order take out using DoorDash, Grub Hub, and Uber Eats.


Review By Raleigh Life (Instagram @raleigh_life_)

Reviewed on 30/10/2021

Go here!!

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Review By Raleigh Food Crush (Instagram @raleighfoodcrush)

Reviewed on 15/10/2021

There’s something about Indian food that is so comforting. I love all the flavors, the heat, and the spices! Royal India has been around since the 90s bringing Raleigh delicious, traditional Indian dishes. Saag is one of my favorites so couldn’t wait to try the Palak Paneer…a spinach dish topped with Indian Cottage Cheese. We also ordered Butter Chicken and Fish Pakora…fried red snapper! I’ve never had Indian fried fish and WOW. It comes with a cilantro sauce and a sweet sauce. Definitely a dish I will come back for. When you taste the food at it’s obvious why they have been around so long!

Swipe ⬅️⬅️ to see 🎥 how they make their Naan Bread using the traditional tandoor oven with charcoal!

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Review By Every Last Bite (Instagram @every_last_bite)

Reviewed on 15/10/2021

Did you know NCs original Indian Restaurant is in Raleigh? is a beautiful space off of Capitol Blvd for 30+ years

They hosted me for dinner and I was so impressed by how every dish was perfectly spiced and full of flavor! You can order mild, medium or hot to customize each item

Thali Vegetarian Sampler
Lentil Dumplings
We also loved the Smoked Salmon Naan and sweet dumpling dessert

They are very COVID safe – requiring use of hand sanitizer & temperature checks when you arrive. They also have a deep clean monthly and tons of folks were stopping by for online orders


Review By Feasts and Spirits (Instagram @feastsandspirits)

Reviewed on 20/09/2021 has been a staple in #tarrymoresquare since the 90s. Known for an amazing Indian lunch buffet #royalindiaraleigh is now offering an even better lunch time deal. 16 amazing options like pictured. 🤩 all platters are $15 comes with naan and dessert, what a steal!!!!!! Vegan/Vegetarian options a plenty! Come check them out!


Review by NC Food Critic (Instagram @nc.foodcritic)

Reviewed on 11/24/2020

Took a trip to and got to indulge in some amazingly authentic Indian food 😋🇮🇳, witness ‘s beautiful, classy restaurant 🤩, and learned about their Tandoori oven 🧑‍🍳! To start, ‘s platers are DELICIOUS 😋🧡🤍💚! It’s perfect for those who have never tried Indian food and Indian-food-lovers alike 🇮🇳💕. All of the sides on the platter were flavorful in their own way, but my absolute favorite had to be the butter chicken 🤤. And of course, the warm naan and homemade tea were just the cherries on top to this phenomenal meal 🍞🍵😋. ‘s food is outstandingly traditional, as their meat and naan are freshly cooked via their Tandoori oven—a traditional Indian appliance used to cook food over a charcoal fire—which sets apart from other restaurants 🧡🤍💚! The interior design of is also uniquely beautiful—the walls have detailed, wooden carvings which pin the atmosphere to be strikingly similar to the Taj Mahal🤩🤩; the decorations and the art, which was brought from India, make all the more chic, and it quite literally made me feel like royalty 🇮🇳🎨✨✨! has been here for 30 years, and multiple governors, senators, other and prominent figures—Michael Jordan, Hilary Clinton, and Al Gore included—have dined here 💕😌😌. They must’ve saw how was named ‘Best Indian Restaurant in the Triangle’ by the Spectator in 2001💓💓. is working diligently to take COVID precautions: their staff wears masks, they provide multiple hand sanitizing stations, and have temperature checks via a contact-less surface. seats their customers in a socially distant manner, and also offers takeout and delivery –they are only taking reservations for dine-in to ensure they can uphold all COVID precautions. Make a reservation today🧡🤍💚🥰!

Thank you for the wonderful experience! 😌🇮🇳💕

Menu Items:
1. Lunch Special #3 (both dishes) – Butter Chicken, Royal Chicken Curry, Palak Paneer, Samosa, Naan, Rice, and Dessert

Check out NC Food Critic’s awesome Instagram blog here:

Pictures by NC Food Critic


Review by Chef Andrew Pettifer of Margaux’s Restaurant for Raleigh Magazine

Published on 8/31/2020

When Royal India opened its doors in Raleigh in 1990, it was one of the only Indian restaurants in the Triangle. Since then, a number of international restaurants have opened in the area, but customers have stayed true to the award-winning Royal India for its authentic Indian cuisine and homey atmosphere. Chef Andrew Pettifer of Margaux’s Restaurant is a dedicated fan of Royal India’s variety of dishes and styles, especially the curries, which remind him of the curries he can get in his native England. Royal India’s menu is broken down via types of protein: seafood, chicken, lamb, goat and vegetarian, supplemented with appetizers, tandoori specialties, biryani and Indian breads. Pettifer often orders the lamb and chicken specialties, though he has high praise for the vegetarian dishes as well.

Image of Raleigh Magazine post titled “Where the chefs eat


eatRaleigh Blog (Instagram @eatRaleigh)

Reviewed on 9/30/2020

I’ve always been enamored with Royal India. Opened back in the 90’s before Raleigh had any culinary prominence, Royal India has that vibe from restaurants back in the day, when dining out was about transporting you completely to a different place. In response to COVID, they had to shut down their lunch buffet. But in place of a buffet, the restaurant is offering buffet portioned lunch specials plus naan and a dessert. This one in particular was all vegan.

Images by eatRaleigh