Non-Vegetarian Options at Royal India Restaurant

Royal India Restaurant Offers Extensive Non-Vegetarian Options

Did you know, Royal India offers many tasty non-vegetarian options for appetizers & entrees. These include chicken, lamb, goat & seafood specialties! We offer curries, tandoori style, non-veg biryanis, kababs, and much more. We prepare non-veg recipes with or without vegetables.

Royal India is open 365 days a year for lunch & dinner. Enjoy our veg, vegan & non-veg cuisine for dine-in, takeout, or delivery. We offer catering options for all occasions in North Carolina & beyond. Contact us at or call us at 919-981-0849 for questions.

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Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is one of the most popular non-vegetarian options at Royal India Restaurant. Prepared in buttery gravy with the addition of cream gives the curry sauce a silky smooth rich texture. The spices in Butter Chicken are turmeric, garam masala, chilly powder and cumin.

Many variations of this favorable dish exist; however Royal India’s most liked Butter Chicken is prepared with boneless Tandoori Chicken cooked in a rich creamy sauce with fresh tomato and a combination of delicate spices. Enjoy It with our hot Garlic Naan or white Basmati rice.

Butter chicken curry (Murgh Makhani) is a curry of chicken in a spiced tomato, butter and cream sauce. The curry was developed in the 1950s, by the founder of the Moti Mahal restaurant in Delhi, India. In 1975, the English phrase “butter chicken” curry first appeared in print.

Chicken Tandoori

Chicken Tandoori is prepared by roasting chicken marinated in yogurt and spices in a tandoor (clay oven). The dish is popular in many parts of the world and is served as an appetizer, or as a main course with Naan. It is also used as the base of numerous cream-based curries.

There is a range of tandoori recipes for grilled chicken, some of which are cooked in a tandoor and others over charcoal. At Royal India, Tandoori Chicken is prepared by chicken marinated in yogurt and freshly ground spices skewered and grilled to your order.

According to archeologists, the earliest evidence for a dish similar to Tandoori Chicken can be found in the Harappan civilization and dates back to 3000 BC. Tandoori chicken as a dish originated in Punjab and was popularized in the late 1940s, at Moti Mahal in New Delhi.

Chicken Curry

A typical Chicken Curry consists of chicken stewed in an onion & tomato based sauce, flavored with ginger, garlic, tomato puree, chilli peppers and a variety of spices. Outside of South Asia, curry chicken is often made with a premade spice mixture known as curry powder.

Over the time and with each new region adopting this dish many variations of the basic recipe exist. At Royal India this traditional poultry dish is prepared in a spicy curry sauce of ground onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes & other seasonings; enjoyed with Naan, Paratha or rice.

Chicken curry originated from Indian subcontinent but is also common in Southeast Asia, Great Britain and Caribbean and referred to as Curry (curried) Chicken. The reference to this dish can be found as early as the 1800s. The UK celebrates National Curry Week in October.

Goat Curry or Goat Masala

Curry Goat is a dish prepared with goat meat. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, the dish is a staple in Southeast Asian, Caribbean & Indian subcontinent. If you’ve never eaten goat meat, it’s fairly similar to lamb or beef and when cooked properly, it’s fantastic.

Goat meat is healthier than many other meats. It is lower in calories, cholesterol, saturated fat and higher in protein and iron than lamb and beef. Royal India prepares Goat Curry with baby goat meat cooked in a traditional North Indian style with onions and tomatoes.

Biryani (Chicken, Goat, Lamb, Shrimp)

Indian delicacy – Biryani is a celebration of all that is great about Indian food! The heady aromas, vibrant colors, fluffy rice & addictive curry flavors, makes Biryani one of the most popular dishes in Indian cuisine. This rice dish prepared with meat and/or vegetables.

Meat & rice are the prime ingredients while the rest of the ingredients and spices vary with region & the type of meat and/or vegetables used. Royal India serves Biryani as a baked casserole of basmati rice & Chicken/ Goat/ Lamb/ Shrimp richly flavored with saffron, nuts & raisins.

Did you know, Biryani originated in the Indian subcontinent but is also prepared in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. Based on region and style of cooking many variations of biryani are famous such as Sindhi biryani, Bohri biryani, Delhi biryani, Tehari (vegetarian biryani) and many more.

Chicken and Spinach

Chicken curry with Spinach (also known as Chicken Saag) is one of the delicious north Indian traditional dishes. With a fantastic melody of spinach, chicken, and aromatic spices, this creamy, flavorsome, and nutrient-rich dish is sure to become your next favorite (if not already).

Royal India’s Chicken and Spinach is prepared by cooking Chicken with chopped fresh spinach and lightly spiced, which makes this dish a wonderful blend of chicken curry and spinach. This tasty dish can be enjoyed with Naan, chapattis or white Basmati rice.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala consists of roasted marinated chicken chunks in spiced creamy curry. It is speculated the dish originated as a result of British occupation in India, & is now offered around the world. According to a survey in the UK, it was the country’s second-most popular foreign dish.

At Royal India we prepare all popular Indian Chicken dishes with traditional recipes, introducing unique taste and aroma of Indian food. Our all time favorite Chicken Tikka Masala dish is prepared with barbecued cubes of chicken cooked with tomatoes, onions and yogurt.

Methi Chicken

Methi Chicken (or Murg Methi) is a popular Chicken dish prepared with Chicken and fresh Fenugreek (Methi) leaves. Fenugreek leaves give a unique flavor to this Chicken dish. Our mouth watering Methi Chicken dish has Chicken simmered with fresh Fenugreek leaves & a selection of herbs.

Fenugreek (Methi) is the most commonly used greens in south Asia. The leaves have bitter aroma & taste, which is balanced with the use of curd in Methi Chicken. Fenugreek leaves combined with chicken provide a host of health benefits. It goes well with rice, roti or paratha

Rogan Josh (Kashmir Specialty)

Rogan Josh is an aromatic curried meat dish of Kashmiri origin. It is made with red meat (lamb or goat). The recipe’s spice emphasizes aroma rather than heat. The lamb is fall apart tender & packs a serious flavor punch! It is one of the signature dishes of Kashmiri cuisine.

Rogan Josh is one of the heavy hitters at any Indian restaurant, a firm favorite alongside Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala & Tandoori Chicken. Enjoy this tasty dish at Royal India prepared with lean chunks of lamb cooked in a rich almond sauce with a blend of fragrant spices.

Lamb Korma

Korma is a dish originating in the Indian subcontinent, consisting of meat or vegetables braised with yogurt or cream & spices to produce a thick sauce or gravy. Korma is part of Mughlai cuisine & can be traced back to the 16th century. The flavor is based on a mixture of spices.

There is a wide variation in korma recipes. Chilli & ginger are often used, but the precise method of preparation results in widely different flavors. Royal India’s signature Lamb Korma is prepared with cubes of lamb cooked in a creamy sauce & garnished with almonds & fruits.

Lamb or Goat Vindaloo

Vindaloo is an Indian curry dish based on the Portuguese dish ‘carne de vinha d’alhos’. It is often regarded as a fiery, spicy dish & is usually made with pork, prawns, beef, mutton, chicken or goat. In this dish meat is marinated in vinegar then cooked with spices.

Vindaloo has gained popularity outside of India and is featured on menus of most Indian restaurants. Royal India’s Lamb or Mutton Vindaloo is a fantastic fiery red Indian curry dish of tender meat chunks cooked in sauce made with lots of red chillies, vinegar, garlic & spices.

Lamb Bhuna

Lamb Bhuna, a finger licking mutton delicacy using lamb, nicely roasted until thick roasted gravy is obtained. What makes this curry special is the ‘bhuna’ part. It consists of pan-frying the meat with spices. The meat cooks in its own juices, which is what gives the deep flavor.

At Royal India our delicious Lamb Bhuna is prepared with chunks of lamb cooked with tomatoes, onions, fresh herbs and spices. This main course dish is best enjoyed with a hot roti, naan, paratha or white Basmati rice.

Bhuna is a style of cooking where first spices are cooked in oil, then vegetables &/or meat is added. After meat browns, little water is added so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom. Water is regularly added for about an hour until the meat melts in your mouth tender.

Lamb with Spinach (Saag Gosht)

Punjabi cuisine is known for its diversity, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Some popular examples are tandoori dishes, pakoras, naan bread, Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka. Saag Gosht, which can be made with either beef or lamb, is another Punjabi favorite.

Lamb with Spinach (Palak Gosht) is an excellent comfort food served with roti, paratha or naan. In our restaurant tender lamb meat pieces are cooked along in a gravy of freshly chopped creamy spinach and traditional spices, giving it a rich color and delicious taste.

Lamb with Spinach is a very healthy dish which is rich in nutrients as well as tasty. Spinach is a rich source of the Daily Value of vitamin A, riboflavin, B6, C, E, K, magnesium, manganese, folate, calcium, potassium and dietary fiber, while Lamb provides essential amino acids.

Mutton Patiala (Patiala Shahi Gosht)

The cuisine of India that we love and cherish today is, to a large extent, indebted to the raja/ maharajas (kings) that ruled India. “Shahi Gosht” here means royal mutton. And since this recipe came from the Royal House of Patiala, therefore “patiala shahi gosht” or Mutton Patiala.

Royal India’s Patiala Shahi Gosht is a lamb stew with juicy pieces of tender mutton simmered in a light sauce with onions, tomatoes, mild spice, and potatoes. The fat from the lamb, along with the other spices give an amazing flavor to the curry, which make it irresistible to eat.